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Where the heck did that come from?
I can write? Hmm, ok I will try…
God..I can’t write on my own but with you forging my pen it sure sounds good.
Good job God! Good job!

There is such a thing as “you” writing and “Gods” writing through you. Gods writing occurs without any brainstorming or forethought. Matter of fact, there is no thought process at all! God will say ” I want you to write this down, get a pen” and there it is! Ta-da! It flows like the river of life. It’s just there. It’s in you. Sometimes the pen just keeps moving on the paper and you’re not sure why, but it sure is moving along all perfectly and beautifully. Apparently it will always be that way once God anoints you for that purpose.

Dear lord, you are always helping me And this time I didn’t even ask. Some people you are helping and they didn’t even know. It’s a “Gods perfect will and plan” thing. It occurs because it’s in the cards. Gods plan is perfect. All paths lead back to him literally. Life started with you and him, and it ends with you and him. Just remember he is always watching, not missing anything. When you please him-he blesses you to prove that you are on the right path. God is good all the time.

Thank you God for not making me all sanctimonious! You made me a little “off my rocker” and “a little crazy”. (though I admit God says he prefers the word anointed).. Yeah yeah.. Ok God.. I AM ANOINTED!


Last night I was reading the book of Matthew 4:10-25 and I had a sudden revelation about things. In those times when Jesus called people, they came running. Peter was casting a net into the sea and when Jesus wallked up and said “follow me” he left everything and went. Brothers James and John, mending their nets, again-Jesus called them and immediately they too left with him.

How awesome is that?! If Jesus called you. I mean literally walked up beside you and said “follow me” (not a twitter post) would YOU go? Or would you stop and ponder…oh, Jesus I would love to and all..but…my wife’s cooking dinner, my house needs a fixing, my cows need fed, my job needs me, my (yadda yadda yadda)…

These people clearly had jobs and tasks at hand that needed tending to, yet when Jesus called them to follow-they just left it all. Nothing was as important as that call. That summon to follow. So why can’t we get it? Why don’t we understand like that? Little faith? None at all?

Maybe we need to think about that today. What’s holding you back from accepting Jesus’ call? And once you decide what it is, maybe it’s time to decide if those things are worth holding on to. Maybe it’s time to let it go.

God has no time clock. He has no retirement year or vacation time. All he has is HIS will, and HIS perfect timing. Listen and be ready, I hope nothing holds you back.


I have often times asked myself

“Why me? Isn’t there someone else out there way more qualified?”

“Of course, ” is always the reply. But “they don’t have what you have.”

What is that exactly?”

Access to your personal mission field, and the people you know personally”

Hmmmm……..It’s funny when you finally get hit between the eyes with it.

I’ve finally come to understand why God chose me. For starters, I love people. I don’t care what color you are, how much money you make, what car you drive, what you smell like, what your disposition is. I just love people! Somehow, I forgot that fact. Somehow, you just think everyone is that way. Well, sadly they are not. Secondly, I am bold. I really don’t care what the consensus says about me, or what the droves of onlookers think of me. I can see myself being a modern-day Noah. Picture this…

Me, Myself and I…Outside…building an ark in my front yard..In a drought..Telling everyone the worlds going to flood soon, and shoo-ing in animals!..

Oh you may chuckle, but those of you who know me-know I would do it if God said so! If God said to do it, then so be it. right?

So I throw my hands up and laugh, chuckling along. It’s not about ME anymore.(Ding Dong! Big flash of lightning! ). Nothing makes much sense to be at this point.  Apparently God activated me for service. Anointed me for purpose. He implanted traits in me that I need to utilize. Also he gave me a mission field full with seeking spirits right here in front of me. I’ve never felt more lost, yet more found in my entire life. Thank you God. I’m on my way! Let’s bring heaven down to earth, and kick the devil out the door.



One of the best gifts you can ever be given is a restless, seeking spirit. In going through lifes trials and the proverbial “hard times” you really find out what you are made of. Me?  Well……

Hi, my name is Cherish, I am made of broken pieces.

You can turn to a bottle, or a drug. You can turn to anything during tough times. It’s called free will. However, I chose to turn to God. My creator. My maker. I figured, after all, if he built me- he should know how to put me back together.  Luckily, I was right. I got put back together. Way better, though. With newness, and fresh insight and renewed faith.

You are a hard-headed individual. One of those self-doubters none the less. Oh, and vain-(yes…but let’s sweep that under the rug). Selfish! (yeah..I’m that.) Judgemental.(.yes…) OK! OK! OK!  LORDI know where you’re going with this! Anything else you want to point out???? Geez!

That’s pretty much how it went too. God got ahold of me, and ripped me a new one. (spirit, I mean). I was indeed broken, and shattered on the ground. And then, all the while I am broken- God wants to stomp on me!!! Really? Why? What did I ever do to you? I’m a good person! I am nice to people!

But you know what I learned from all that? You have to give it all away. Come to him with empty hands and a broken spirit, and that’s where the real healing begins. And I am So THANKFUL he did stomp all over that pretty little image I had of myself. Looking back, I didn’t like her that much anyway.

So……..hard times, tough times, tormenting life paths, BRING IT ON. If I need to be broken again, lets do it. I feel way better than I ever did before. I may not understand all the things that have changed yet. But I am no longer restless. For the first time in a long time, I am at peace with myself. It’s not for any other reason, other than God let me break, he watched me shatter, then he stomped on me, then…and only then..Did he put me together. Perfectly.



I realize that for most people, when God speaks-you listen. You move. You Go. It may take you awhile to discern whether or not what you are hearing is from God-or another entity, but regardless, you move. Well, what if you get a vague timeline and promises of things to come,  and then you are told to wait.WAIT?! Then why not WAIT to call on me? why not WAIT to bring it all up? So, you want to tell me something life altering and then tell me to wait?!! What?!!

Well that’s exactly how it has been for me. Hurry up- and Wait. God himself is completely in control of this one. There is beauty in the wait though. When you are used to getting everything you want, when you want it-It’s humbling when God himself knocks you down a few notches. If nothing else, I am humbled. That is a good thing. I feel the forward momentum, yet I have no clue what lies around the next bend. And oddly enough, I’m completely okay with that fact.

God does some amazing things in your life-and to those around you when you listen and wait on him. Its a starburst effect as I like to call it. A single explosion so intense that it sends shockwaves to those closest to you. In good ways. Very good ways. I wish I could go into specifics, but its too soon for that. Just know that I have been given specific instructions for my next steps in life.. I have been given dreams and visions that depict the same ideas, and a timeline (of sorts) in which these things need to be done. Seems odd doesn’t it? Well….It did to me. Until the pieces started fitting.

You want me to do what?!

I hear those words resounding in my head like I just said them yesterday. Yet, in all reality they were said several months back, with such astonishment that it was almost hilarious. Me….little ole me… arguing with God. Ha!

You just don’t get it,

You don’t know me,

Oh, Yeah right… thats ever going to happen!

All the things that I recall saying to GOD! What an idiot I was! Arguing with the one that created me. I told him that he was  “mistaken”. Oh wow.. Talk about putting that homer-simpson-head-slap on your forehead (Doh!).  I keep hearing the words “wait”. Even though I have been given a clear message, a clear enough one that I could very easily just “make it happen”. Then again, what good would that do me? It wouldnt be Gods timing, and it wouldnt have that starburst effect like I expect will come.

So I wait. Patiently? Nah..very impatiently like a nagging child at their mothers heels. Ma, Ma,Mom..Ma..hey…ahem…Im here!! But patience is coming. It is a virtue for a reason. There is strength in the wait. There is power in diligence. There is something to be said about being obedient to God. I see blessings pouring over me, and the people in my life. Things I never thought possible, are happening right before my very eyes. So, I will gladly wait. The promises are good. The reward is plenty. I will wait. and not be tired by waiting. The more days that pass, I know that I am right where I need to be.  You will know when you are on Gods perfect path. I can tell you this because when you aren’t…He WILL push you.

All in all, what am I saying here??????

I am saying that not everything comes to you on a silver platter and is laid out perfectly for the taking. Sometimes, there is a process. And sometimes we have to wait on that process to fulfill other processes. It’s pretty amazing to watch. Things start occuring that you could never ever make happen in a million years. It’s just God’s perfect timing.  If there is something out that that you are waiting on, and it just isnt falling into place- maybe its not that it was never meant to be- maybe it’s just not meant for right now. Wait. Be patient, and pray. God listens. He hears. He will give you what you need. Maybe not on your timeline, but I guarantee it will be way better on God’s perfect timeline.


As I ponder the title “MY STORY” I wonder where I should begin…The best I can posssibly do is to start at the end and work back. That seems to be where God put me these days anyway. Let’s just compare my walk with God to a standard, stick-shift vehicle. God put me in the drivers seat- in a moving vehicle, in gear-mind you…Without ever properly teaching me the importance of the clutch or the fact that there are several gears to advance and even a reverse!

So here is it…

God called me. God himself telephoned me from heaven. Thats the best way I can explain it. (I do realize that the credibility of the blog just got tossed..but to be honest-I’m okay with that.) So back to the facts. God blessed me with an incredible gift late in life. I guess even God himself recognized the late bloomer in me. He started waking me with visions and understandings to things that I knew not of. I began seeing things that would come to pass, without ever having any insight as to why, or for that matter-how. But the visions were in fact real. And I believed them to be true. I had gotten direct messages from God! So then………………. I did the humanistic thing to do… I tried to tell people! Well, #1 worst mistake on the planet!



When you tell people that you have “Seen the future” they kinda get the heebie-jeebies and disregard anything else that proceeds out of your mouth. It was a lesson that I would have to learn quickly. But It was TRUE! My story was not made up, pretend, or even imagined. My story existed, and the only way I could explain it was to give the glory to God himself for revealing my life to me. So I started taking things for what they were. VISIONS. DREAMS. FEELINGS. PREMONITIONS. Its not like these things were a part of me. They had never been there before. So it only made sense that God himself had “activated” something in me.

Well, I began to seek God hard. I wanted more answers than what I already had. I wanted it all. Well…..when you ask God for it all, and you mean it-he does it. One night, after long days and hours of no sleep at all….God came to me. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t imagined. God himself took me. I had the most incredible (again…preparing to lose even more credibility here….) out of body experience. I layed in my bed one evening after reading my bible, and before I dozed into unconsciousness I looked at the clock. 12:32AM. It didnt seem like long, before my closed eyes started seeing an unexplained light thru my closed eye-lids. I began to pray. Then, something happened. I’m not quite sure how to explain the unexplainable but I am willing to try. My soul left my body. I literally felt myself rise up out of bed-except I was conscious to the fact of where my body was laying. I was overwhelmed with Gods light. Gods presence. The most amazing, wonderful, intense feeling you can experience. You dissolve into Gods love and presence. Then I woke up. 12:45am. 13 minutes in heaven-with God. Wow. I can’t wait to go back!

I don’t know why he chose to reveal himself to me. Maybe its because the future he started showing me, I started believing and accepting as my own (After fits of NO! NO! NO! NO! I WON’T!). Maybe when I threw up my hands and said, “God, its not my life anymore-it’s yours!” and “do with it, what you want!” he chose to bless me. Whatever the reason, I am so thankful that it happened. I am a new person. I have a new path. A new life. A new beginning. And from the visions I have seen, it’s only just begun!

I have always been a “Christian”. Yet, I have never really read the bible, nor can I account for all the stories in the bible, nor do I really know much more than the basics. So, to think that this kind of thing would fall onto me, at my age, doesn’t make worldly sense. But then again, thats just it! God doesnt make worldly sense. He doesn’t operate that way. So if you are being blessed or led by God, don’t expect it to make much sense to you now. Just trust in God, and walk by Faith, and the puzzle pieces will soon start to fit together.

God Bless,


Hi there! It has come to my attention in the last several weeks that there is something missing in the world today. FAITH. And not just faith in God, or even ourselves-Faith in the modern miracles that occur on a daily basis right here in front of our eyes. I have talked with several people who have had miracles happen to them, yet they would tell me in confidence in hushed voices because:

 “I didn’t want anyone to think I was nutty”


“no one would believe me even if I told them”.

So I began to ponder, why not? Would it be so awful to have a blog that people who have experienced these such miracles, to come out in the open and tell the world about them? I am offering a simple service to do- what I feel, is getting a much needed grasp of things that are happening around us. This is very much real.  I want people to feel free to open up and share their stories and experiences here. I hope to make this blog a positive, insightful one. One that allows us to share freely without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

So I dare you..Post away.

Tell me your stories and I will look forward to reading them. I can’t wait to share my own story with you.

God Bless,