Hi there! It has come to my attention in the last several weeks that there is something missing in the world today. FAITH. And not just faith in God, or even ourselves-Faith in the modern miracles that occur on a daily basis right here in front of our eyes. I have talked with several people who have had miracles happen to them, yet they would tell me in confidence in hushed voices because:

 “I didn’t want anyone to think I was nutty”


“no one would believe me even if I told them”.

So I began to ponder, why not? Would it be so awful to have a blog that people who have experienced these such miracles, to come out in the open and tell the world about them? I am offering a simple service to do- what I feel, is getting a much needed grasp of things that are happening around us. This is very much real.  I want people to feel free to open up and share their stories and experiences here. I hope to make this blog a positive, insightful one. One that allows us to share freely without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

So I dare you..Post away.

Tell me your stories and I will look forward to reading them. I can’t wait to share my own story with you.

God Bless,