I realize that for most people, when God speaks-you listen. You move. You Go. It may take you awhile to discern whether or not what you are hearing is from God-or another entity, but regardless, you move. Well, what if you get a vague timeline and promises of things to come,  and then you are told to wait.WAIT?! Then why not WAIT to call on me? why not WAIT to bring it all up? So, you want to tell me something life altering and then tell me to wait?!! What?!!

Well that’s exactly how it has been for me. Hurry up- and Wait. God himself is completely in control of this one. There is beauty in the wait though. When you are used to getting everything you want, when you want it-It’s humbling when God himself knocks you down a few notches. If nothing else, I am humbled. That is a good thing. I feel the forward momentum, yet I have no clue what lies around the next bend. And oddly enough, I’m completely okay with that fact.

God does some amazing things in your life-and to those around you when you listen and wait on him. Its a starburst effect as I like to call it. A single explosion so intense that it sends shockwaves to those closest to you. In good ways. Very good ways. I wish I could go into specifics, but its too soon for that. Just know that I have been given specific instructions for my next steps in life.. I have been given dreams and visions that depict the same ideas, and a timeline (of sorts) in which these things need to be done. Seems odd doesn’t it? Well….It did to me. Until the pieces started fitting.

You want me to do what?!

I hear those words resounding in my head like I just said them yesterday. Yet, in all reality they were said several months back, with such astonishment that it was almost hilarious. Me….little ole me… arguing with God. Ha!

You just don’t get it,

You don’t know me,

Oh, Yeah right…ha..like thats ever going to happen!

All the things that I recall saying to GOD! What an idiot I was! Arguing with the one that created me. I told him that he was  “mistaken”. Oh wow.. Talk about putting that homer-simpson-head-slap on your forehead (Doh!).  I keep hearing the words “wait”. Even though I have been given a clear message, a clear enough one that I could very easily just “make it happen”. Then again, what good would that do me? It wouldnt be Gods timing, and it wouldnt have that starburst effect like I expect will come.

So I wait. Patiently? Nah..very impatiently like a nagging child at their mothers heels. Ma, Ma,Mom..Ma..hey…ahem…Im here!! But patience is coming. It is a virtue for a reason. There is strength in the wait. There is power in diligence. There is something to be said about being obedient to God. I see blessings pouring over me, and the people in my life. Things I never thought possible, are happening right before my very eyes. So, I will gladly wait. The promises are good. The reward is plenty. I will wait. and not be tired by waiting. The more days that pass, I know that I am right where I need to be.  You will know when you are on Gods perfect path. I can tell you this because when you aren’t…He WILL push you.

All in all, what am I saying here??????

I am saying that not everything comes to you on a silver platter and is laid out perfectly for the taking. Sometimes, there is a process. And sometimes we have to wait on that process to fulfill other processes. It’s pretty amazing to watch. Things start occuring that you could never ever make happen in a million years. It’s just God’s perfect timing.  If there is something out that that you are waiting on, and it just isnt falling into place- maybe its not that it was never meant to be- maybe it’s just not meant for right now. Wait. Be patient, and pray. God listens. He hears. He will give you what you need. Maybe not on your timeline, but I guarantee it will be way better on God’s perfect timeline.