One of the best gifts you can ever be given is a restless, seeking spirit. In going through lifes trials and the proverbial “hard times” you really find out what you are made of. Me?  Well……

Hi, my name is Cherish, I am made of broken pieces.

You can turn to a bottle, or a drug. You can turn to anything during tough times. It’s called free will. However, I chose to turn to God. My creator. My maker. I figured, after all, if he built me- he should know how to put me back together.  Luckily, I was right. I got put back together. Way better, though. With newness, and fresh insight and renewed faith.

You are a hard-headed individual. One of those self-doubters none the less. Oh, and vain-(yes…but let’s sweep that under the rug). Selfish! (yeah..I’m that.) Judgemental.(.yes…) OK! OK! OK!  LORDI know where you’re going with this! Anything else you want to point out???? Geez!

That’s pretty much how it went too. God got ahold of me, and ripped me a new one. (spirit, I mean). I was indeed broken, and shattered on the ground. And then, all the while I am broken- God wants to stomp on me!!! Really? Why? What did I ever do to you? I’m a good person! I am nice to people!

But you know what I learned from all that? You have to give it all away. Come to him with empty hands and a broken spirit, and that’s where the real healing begins. And I am So THANKFUL he did stomp all over that pretty little image I had of myself. Looking back, I didn’t like her that much anyway.

So……..hard times, tough times, tormenting life paths, BRING IT ON. If I need to be broken again, lets do it. I feel way better than I ever did before. I may not understand all the things that have changed yet. But I am no longer restless. For the first time in a long time, I am at peace with myself. It’s not for any other reason, other than God let me break, he watched me shatter, then he stomped on me, then…and only then..Did he put me together. Perfectly.