I have often times asked myself

“Why me? Isn’t there someone else out there way more qualified?”

“Of course, ” is always the reply. But “they don’t have what you have.”

What is that exactly?”

Access to your personal mission field, and the people you know personally”

Hmmmm……..It’s funny when you finally get hit between the eyes with it.

I’ve finally come to understand why God chose me. For starters, I love people. I don’t care what color you are, how much money you make, what car you drive, what you smell like, what your disposition is. I just love people! Somehow, I forgot that fact. Somehow, you just think everyone is that way. Well, sadly they are not. Secondly, I am bold. I really don’t care what the consensus says about me, or what the droves of onlookers think of me. I can see myself being a modern-day Noah. Picture this…

Me, Myself and I…Outside…building an ark in my front yard..In a drought..Telling everyone the worlds going to flood soon, and shoo-ing in animals!..

Oh you may chuckle, but those of you who know me-know I would do it if God said so! If God said to do it, then so be it. right?

So I throw my hands up and laugh, chuckling along. It’s not about ME anymore.(Ding Dong! Big flash of lightning! ). Nothing makes much sense to be at this point.  Apparently God activated me for service. Anointed me for purpose. He implanted traits in me that I need to utilize. Also he gave me a mission field full with seeking spirits right here in front of me. I’ve never felt more lost, yet more found in my entire life. Thank you God. I’m on my way! Let’s bring heaven down to earth, and kick the devil out the door.