Last night I was reading the book of Matthew 4:10-25 and I had a sudden revelation about things. In those times when Jesus called people, they came running. Peter was casting a net into the sea and when Jesus wallked up and said “follow me” he left everything and went. Brothers James and John, mending their nets, again-Jesus called them and immediately they too left with him.

How awesome is that?! If Jesus called you. I mean literally walked up beside you and said “follow me” (not a twitter post) would YOU go? Or would you stop and ponder…oh, Jesus I would love to and all..but…my wife’s cooking dinner, my house needs a fixing, my cows need fed, my job needs me, my (yadda yadda yadda)…

These people clearly had jobs and tasks at hand that needed tending to, yet when Jesus called them to follow-they just left it all. Nothing was as important as that call. That summon to follow. So why can’t we get it? Why don’t we understand like that? Little faith? None at all?

Maybe we need to think about that today. What’s holding you back from accepting Jesus’ call? And once you decide what it is, maybe it’s time to decide if those things are worth holding on to. Maybe it’s time to let it go.

God has no time clock. He has no retirement year or vacation time. All he has is HIS will, and HIS perfect timing. Listen and be ready, I hope nothing holds you back.