Where the heck did that come from?
I can write? Hmm, ok I will try…
God..I can’t write on my own but with you forging my pen it sure sounds good.
Good job God! Good job!

There is such a thing as “you” writing and “Gods” writing through you. Gods writing occurs without any brainstorming or forethought. Matter of fact, there is no thought process at all! God will say ” I want you to write this down, get a pen” and there it is! Ta-da! It flows like the river of life. It’s just there. It’s in you. Sometimes the pen just keeps moving on the paper and you’re not sure why, but it sure is moving along all perfectly and beautifully. Apparently it will always be that way once God anoints you for that purpose.

Dear lord, you are always helping me And this time I didn’t even ask. Some people you are helping and they didn’t even know. It’s a “Gods perfect will and plan” thing. It occurs because it’s in the cards. Gods plan is perfect. All paths lead back to him literally. Life started with you and him, and it ends with you and him. Just remember he is always watching, not missing anything. When you please him-he blesses you to prove that you are on the right path. God is good all the time.

Thank you God for not making me all sanctimonious! You made me a little “off my rocker” and “a little crazy”. (though I admit God says he prefers the word anointed).. Yeah yeah.. Ok God.. I AM ANOINTED!