Have you ever run into someone you were just thinking about? How about when you saw them you said what a coincidence! uh huh. I’m here to set that record straight. There are no coincidences. No accidental stumble-upons. It’s called divine appointments and they happen every day to every one of you. Think about some people you “ran into” at the grocery store, or incidentally were paying a light bill at the same time.. Ever stop and think about it? How about the next time this sort of random-coincidence (i.e Divine appointment) happens- think and ask yourself a simple question.

Why are they here at the exact time I am?

Divinely speaking, God uses people. As his mouthpiece. Omg! Revelation? Did you not think you were capable of being the mouthpiece of God? You can! Thrilling isn’t it?!

All I am saying, is listen and look around. Its so easy to meander along aimlessly and be so self involved that you miss and opportunity to really help someone that may need a kind word or a gentle hello. Maybe a compliment is enough for some to reconfirm self worth or beauty. People are hurting in this world. I hurt at times, I’m sure you hurt at times. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just opened their eyes and honed in to the fact that divine appointments happen and God uses you?!

I hope everyone has a DIVINE week!
think about it