I don’t mind the quiet times, for it’s in those quiet times that God speaks to me. Sometimes I need to take myself back to quiet times. Nothingness. No distractions. You lose God in distractions. The balance between living life on earth and spiritual answers from God is a hairs width. I desire to spend the alone time. However, alone time with selfish undertones never heeds as much reward as a true longing for alone time with God. For there in the silence and searching you find happiness and answers and peace. I pray I always remember this. The seeking process. The drawing near to God and how he draws near to you. Wow, I’ve been in Gods very presence. And I came back though I had no desire to. I can’t help but think that God wants me to share with you all these words that are welling up inside of me. It’s awesome. No words can express what the presence of God does to you. Superhuman. No, supernova. You can’t be human flesh in front of god. Yet we as humans don’t think outside that realm of thinking of reality. God has showed me a new reality. A higher thinking. He revealed himself to me. Infiltrated me. I must have been ready. There was a reason he showed me what he did. He was happy to see me. He is love. IS! Don’t forget that! Imagine the feeling we search so hard for on earth, LOVE. Have u heard the saying, “I wanna fall in love” “I miss being in love” that’s because that is the closest feeling we can feel to God. But God is way more! Overpowering love! Extreme love! Humans can’t comprehend the greatness of it. Death shouldnt be mourned. Death should be exciting. And if you know where u are going, you need to tell everyone about it! We always say “she’s in a better place” but we have no clue. We say that for human comforting.. We don’t “get” that on the actual spiritual realm that it exists. Seek God. Get quiet in front of him. Lay it all down, and blessings will come. Seek and find is what I pray for you.