Oh! how we looooooooooo-ve our Facebook!

Oh! look how many friends I have!

Oh! what great things everyone is buying!

Oh! what great places I go!

Oh….what was that? It’s all a sham?

Yep. Fakebook. Sounds fitting to me. It’s time to quit faking life. Quit faking happiness and wealth. Quit faking. Period. It’s tough to realize you are stuck in the realm of ridiculousness with new age teeny-boppers trying to keep up with the Jones’. It’s complete and utter madness to think that life is always a field of posies. That you can just keep spending spending spending and never run dry. It’s ignorant to take all those half-cocked photos where you appear completely happy and love-struck when in fact- you are not.

Are we ever going to be real?

Facebook-land has landed us in a whole new world of ridiculousness. It’s Failbook-land. The fairytale doesn’t exist. It’s all vanity. All of it. I don’t care if you are dirt floor poor, you have photos of a nice home, car, happy photos, vacations you take almost every weekend. Wouldn’t it be funny if we just posted pictures of our bank balances? How about our credit card debt? Ohh.ohh.. Here’s a great one. Let’s take a video of our homelife. Yeah… the REAL life you come home to each day. Anyone else eating crow out there? I would love to believe it’s not just me. Ok so this article isn’t as chipper as all the rest. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes there is healing in the truth. We need truth! we need to be delivered out of stupidity and ignorance and vanity! It is all vanity!!

Ecclesiastes….Yeah.. If you don’t know the bible. Pick it up for the first time- ever. Blow the dust off the top, and turn to Ecclesiastes. That’s all I will say. You don’t need a verse or a chapter. Read it! The Book! God told me to do it, you should too. It’s like being smacked by God himself and it hurts! A lot!  Good… There is healing to follow.

We have to get REAL! Get real with ourselves and then get real with each other.

If I were still a facebook junkie these would be my posts for the last 6 months:

I am vain, vanity rules me

My life on facebook is a sham

My heart is broken and I can’t fix it

I didn’t want to roll out of bed this morning-depression is eating me alive

My husband tried to kill himself

God told me to walk away

If I don’t sell my house, I will lose it

I put things before people

I am feeding into shallow thinking and hurtful comments

OUCH!!!!! That knife went deep didn’t it? Why don’t you get real!?  Now and only now can I be completely honest with myself and my family and friends. Does your facebook account need some sanitation? Mine did. It started with my life. I challenge you to live life…A real life.