The part that loved him
The part that cared
Knew that God would fix it
Because God will repair

But the God that loves me
Said child, walk away
It’s my time to fix things
But you, just can’t stay

I said God “it’s my husband
It’s my baby, it’s my life!”
He said child, he is mine
I used you as his wife

But now it’s time to show him
The things he’s blinded to see
My time is better than your time
You must listen to me

So I cried and wept for days
Ages- it did seem
When my God told me
It was my time to leave

And I held on so long
And I did so much, so wrong
But God- he led me away.

Now the reason is certain
On my side of the sky
I’ve been through the valley
Now my view is mountain high

I tell you cause I’ve been there
Strength in God will come
And it’s hard to understand
It’s hard to overcome

When you have to leave
The one in which you love
For the God you serve above
To take and show them love

Broken in the spirit
Broken in the flesh
God almighty touches
When you have nothing left

But my poor husband reached!
He reached for God when I-
When I walked out the door
Jesus saved his life.


CJC 10-13-11