I would like to think I have a good understanding about things. Things of life, love, religion. I was thinking tonight about a practical way to view God. Here is my conclusion.

When I picture God in my life, I see him like any other father figure. Visualize this: I see him sitting in his lazy boy  chair in the living room on Sunday morning with readers on completely engrossed in the newspaper. I see me.. a toddler. Playing with everything in the room. Getting into things I shouldn’t be. Tip-toeing around “daddy” to be sure I don’t disturb him or bring attention to myself. And occasionally, I do something good and wish he would put that stinking newspaper down so he would see it and be proud. The truth is he does see. When I am unaware, he pulls that newspaper down and eyeballs me when I dont know it. He is watching when I am so involved in my own things, I don’t even realize he is watching. Sometimes I see myself calling out “father father look what Ive done!” and he says good job. At times I think he yells at me silently when I look back and he shakes his head at me. There are moments I say “can I?” and he says go ahead with a nod. When I am really out of line, he puts the paper down and spanks me..Or he will drag me to another play-thing to occupy my time.



Yes, I would say that is how I view God in my life. That ever present father figure that will be there watching. Not always “in your face”, sometimes you have to look back and see him looking at you. Sometimes I simple smirk or wink will reassure that you are doing good. You can always tell a fathers looks. You can know if he is happy or mad just by a facial expression. God doesnt have facial expressions, but he has the whole world to use. He can scorn you with a lost job, or a crisis. He can smile at you through people that may cross your path and place good news in your life.

He is always there.  Try to visualize God in a practical way so that you can act more like friends than a last resort call when we make a big mess. 🙂