Let’s face it, we are all sinners and we know it. The real accomplishment is learning how to be a bad sinner. Let me explain…

Do wrong. Do something wrong. Yes you! You are going to do it anyway-so go ahead…
Now do you feel bad about it?
Did your conscious get ahold of you before you completed the action?
If so, congratulations, you are a bad sinner. If not, continue to step 2. (read along anyway)

My wish for you is internal torment. Yes, that’s right I said it. I’d rather you have internal torment than eternal torment- get my drift?

Make that conscious effort to be a miserable sinner. Hate your sins. Talk yourself down from them. May your little spirit man voice direct you in the opposite direction of wrongdoing. That’s not too awful of a thing, is it? I think not.

Don’t make the devil your houseguest. He doesn’t pay your rent. Nor will he pay your electricity bill. Nor will he take out your trash. So why then would you allow him to come in your house, eat your groceries and kick his feet up on your coffee table? Kick him out!!!

This week I want you to make the effort to see yourself and your actions as they truly are…not as you would normally. In the honest case of human interest we can sweep a lot under the rug. Just open your eyes. I dare you to accomplish being a bad sinner.

Dare ya!