We have to go through the trials, tough times and tribulations to be able to appreciate the good times. To praise God in the overflow. Because we will then truly have the understanding to appreciate and know the difference.
God never promised us easy. But he did offer and promise testings and blessings through obedience. However, he will never give us more than we can handle. Sometimes he gives us just enough to break us. Then, when we are broken, that’s when we look up and begin to climb his rope back to the top.

There is a thing called personal growth. Let me tell you, God doesn’t think of this as a small thing. He tests us. our hearts and our minds. He won’t take us to the next step until we pass each of the tests prior.

I had a talk with God one day and I asked him why he was showing me little pieces at a time.
Why won’t you just show it all to me? I can handle it!

He said, you could handle it- but then where would that leave me? If you had all the answers you wouldn’t need me anymore.

Point well taken. So I appreciate the little answers I am given. I anticipate the big ones. I know I am being tested even when I don’t realize it. It is the WALK with God that amazes me. Our life on earth is short, but we can get as close or as far away as we want. We will go through trials. He will be in them – watching and waiting for that moment when you have either learned the lesson, or done what you were supposed to do, or cry out to him. Its all intertwined. So I committ to praise God in the good and the bad. I dont find the need to pick and choose.