One of CJ’s last attempts to save our marriage was a simple, single rose delivered to my house. At first, I didnt want it. I left it outside on the doorstep where it was delivered for a day, then eventually I brought it inside. I walked by that rose this morning and God spoke to me.

This is what he said:

Child, that rose sitting on your table was beautiful, but you have ignored it. You have walked by it several days now, not paying it any attention. It means nothing to you. The water is almost gone out of it, the stem needs trimming and sunlight cannot reach it so it can flourish. If you neglect that rose long enough, it will wilt and die. Never to be brought back to its fragrant, intended beauty.

You were like the rose.

You were so beautiful a person in the beginning of your marriage. Your pedals were shiny and perfectly arrayed. Your fragrance was lingering and sweet. Yet you were not given proper light. You did not get proper attention. You were in someones care that didn’t know how to nurture and properly care for you. There you began to wilt. I brought you back to life just before your final pedal fleeted and fell to the floor. I gave you water, love, and the attention you needed. I knew your needs, and I met them so that you could grow and flourish again. I brought you back to life. Now flourish. I am caring for you now.

Wow. Thanks God.