Lead me and love me. Sometimes you gotta push and shove me. But my God above me knows what I gotta do. He can torment, he will shove. He will drag you from heaven above. Sometimes just what we need is a little tough love. My Jesus- he’s got that down. He tugs, and he pushes and he will drag you. but my God- he does it out of love. He sees further than I can see down here. He will push and shove and drag through love but let me tell you you’ll be better in the end. He will love you and he will give to you, and he will show you what you need to see – when you need to see it. He will push you to your limit. It will make you free. Once you’ve been dragged and beat. Trust me.

So lord go ahead…and beat me down, push me around, until my hard head turns into nothing in front of you. Because its all for you. I’m here for you- I know you’ll pull me through. You pushed me and I’m better now. Now that I know your will. I have purpose now. It’s all for you. Do what you want to do God. Do what you want to do.