It’s amazing that when I started telling my story – the sheer amount of people that begin to open their hearts to me and share their own personal trials. I can’t help but think that I am right where I am supposed to be. God places people in my life everyday that opens a new door to minister to someone. Show them that I care and that I do – in fact – understand their situations.  Comparing situations with strangers seems somewhat peculiar, yet I have gotten my most fulfilling conversations out of them lately. I am truly amazed at how lives are so intertwined – though you would never notice it at all unless you spoke out.

Maybe that’s one of the lessons I need to learn. It is ok to hurt. It is ok to cry. Sometimes leaning on a strangers shoulder and unbiased ears is the best way to cope and mourn. I vow to not let any person walk into my life ignored. I vow to be a shoulder to cry on, and also be just as weak and vulnerable as I need to be to heal. When you try to be strong, you only hurt yourself. That single act alone can suffocate you. It falsely controls you. I am strong when I am weak. That is the best truism is I know.

I can’t wait to see who else walks in my life unexpectedly this week. Who else am I supposed to talk with? Who else needs to hear the story that is completely and individually mine? Who’s story do I need to hear?

This next phase is truly exciting.