John Hagee inspired me with a recent message on television. He said something to this effect: “If you meet someone with a torn and tattered bible, they rarely have a torn and tattered life”.

Well Hagee, I agree. That statement deserved a second chance in the limelight. It’s so true what he said there. If you have battles to fight, I would advise you to fight them on your knees. Every battle I have ever fought that way, I have overcome and have been the victor. So many carry these big bibles with the fancy bible carriers, yet not one single page looks turned, touched or even highlighted. Those people are the hypocrites in the churches. They are the ones that attend service every sunday and dont know why their lives are in shambles. It amazed me the amount of people that grow up in church and never get it. They never accept christ in their lives, or even venture to read the scripture that they have been holding for 15 years. Its like having a rule book for the biggest game of your life, instructions play by play, and supergluing the pages together. How then can you bet on the game? How do you expect to win? You may have the instructions, but you can’t get to them. Hello someone!

The bible is the most magnificent book in the world! You don’t read the book, the book reads you. Its lessons are based on where you are in life and in your heart. It amazes me the same verse days later means something completely different to me than days prior. That book is written and those living words read your heart. Why on earth would you not read it? You can read all those easy-reader-bible books because those are great instructions on HOW to read the bible. But when you really get into the words, they really get into you. They mold you. They seek out the areas in your life you are unsettled in, and they work within to fix it. If you are open to change.

My bible is..ahem.well.. I have 3 bibles. And I would advise this method. My very first bible was highlighted and dog eared like crazy in my younger years. My second bible – barely opened. My 3rd – well, we are working on a Monet masterpiece on every page. I am growing with my bibles. I can look back on the years I had book one, and find out where I was in life by what verses I underlined and pages I marked. I want a bible that I have to tape the pages back together. I want a bible that has blood, sweat and tears on the pages. That is my goal. A torn bible for a torn life. Not a bad trade in my book. Happy Sunday 🙂