Come as you are through the brokenness and scars. That is the best way to come to God.

If you know anything about broken bones, you know they can be fixed. When a bone is broken, it usually needs to be put back into place. Most times it’s forcefully, and painfully – though willingfully done. It is a process that must happen to heal. Another thing about a broken bone, when it is put back together, it will rarely ever break in that particular spot again. Medically speaking, when a bone is manipulated back into place – calcifications of bone begin to form, and make that bone 3x stronger than it was before.

Good stuff huh?

Also, with broken bones, though years healed – you can still see the break on X-rays. That break never goes away, though it healed. It marks us. A permanent memory within us. Chances are you remember how you broke it, when you broke it, and where. Gods process for breaking us in spirit is the same.

I want to be broken. I want you to look at me and see the breaks, and flaws in character. Because I do have those wounds. I am not the same. I am stronger now because of the break.

The thing about scars, is the wound heals but the mark is there forever. You will always have that mark on you – and when you look down at that mark may it remind you where you have been. The scars of the spirit act very much the same way. Though healed, they are there forever and you are made worse or better because of them. (the choice is yours)

Well God, I’ve been broken. Then you came and fixed me. I’m not 100 percent what I was before – and for that – I am grateful. I’m 100 percent for you now. And my scars? Oh I see them, I know them. I have my story, and because I look down and see those scars – I remember. I remember the process. I remember what you did for me. I remember how bad it hurt going through that process. But now I only remember the joy after it was all said and done.

Thank you