La La Land…..or so I’ve heard it called. Do you know that place? Ever set up camp there before? Today I was visiting with a friend who is going through a tough time in life. (aren’t we all?!)…And she is just now realizing some things about her life,and as she was opening up to me she said:

“I think I lived my life in la la land.. covered by things like diamonds, a big house, and fancy cars – and now I see the ugly truth.”

My response wasn’t “told you so” it was simply “when you finally open up and see it, that’s where the work begins”.


You can’t push someone to see what they aren’t willing to see. I know this fact all too well. My fortune cookie today was this: if a man thinks he can – he can. If he thinks he can’t – he can’t. These are inalienable truths. So poetic. It was almost perfectly fitting for today’s conversation with her. So many people are starting to awaken. The blinders are coming off and real life is forcing it’s big-fat-ugly face in the world. And you know what? Good.

Once people can see their ugly truths, they can get closer to accepting it, and change it of they want to. I can only sit and listen to the stories. I can give words of wisdom when I have them, because I know all about that fairtale called la-la land. I had a permanent address there. Little did I know, it was a coping mechanism at the time – and now a teaching tool in the present.

I don’t want to go through life just coping. Chances are you don’t either. God didn’t send Jesus down here so that we could go trudging along down here coping with life as it hits us. No! Open up your eyes! I beg you to pray this prayer, “Lord open my eyes, the eyes within my heart and show me what I need to see. reveal your truth to me”.. I can guarantee that prayer will be easily asked and answered for you. Life has murky waters, and only through Gods grace and mercy do we have the clarity we need at times. so keep your head above the water. Here’s to a life-changing week.