I never really thought of it before. When I was looking for a husband, I didn’t seek Gods advice. I never even thought it mattered much. I had assumed that whosoever walked in my life, and things went well, and he met certain check boxes in my “needs” category – I was good. And that must’ve been a Godsend, right?! Well then… Amen and halelujah!!


First of all, my first check box now is to make sure he is a godly man. His soul needs to be saved and purified by God. I never really realized that in order for a man to truly give love – they have to have first received love from God himself. You can’t give love if you never knew love – Gods pure love.

Secondly, I will not merely rely on chance meetings and coincidence. I won’t will a relationship to succeed – I will pray it through. I will not pray the same either. I will pray “God, your will be done” and I will not pray “make this happen” “make so-and-so love me.” Those prayers within themselves are foolish.

Thirdly, I will take Gods will for me and compare it to Gods will for them. Is there anything to work with? I mean, If I know God wants me to start a ministry in Minnesota and have 5 children, I certainly wouldn’t persist in seeing a man who is sterile and lives in eastern Asia. I mean, you get the point here.

God is first this time go around. I will treat things differently, especially any man after my heart.

I have no problem waiting for the right man, at the right time, at the right place, and under the right authority.