Last night I had a wow moment…………….

I thought I was done with the breaking! I thought I had been dealt with already! I thought all the corners of my old life had been cleaned up! Then wham! Wow….

It turns out that the process continues. I guess even good fruit gets bruised. Shallow wounds. They too have to heal slowly. I thought it was all behind me. I thought I let everything go. Apparently there will always be little things that come up and nag aloud until you deal with them.

I realized last night that God wants it all. Even the things that are the ugliest to you – God knows. The things that are the smallest little nothings to us, God knows. He wants it all.

Things that I had forgotten about…..hmm….It’s funny how with a renewed heart how it really rears its ugly little face again. Apparently God knew that there was something I was holding on to and didn’t even know it. That bruised fruit that He was watching rot. That one single thing in my life that was inadvertently holding me back. Well last night I let go of it. I threw it away. Actually, I threw it at God and let him deal with it. I don’t want anything that would stop me from moving forward.

The bruised fruit – God will take it. Anything that you can give, anything left standing in your way of becoming more Christlike – Give it away. I didn’t even know I had not given it away. Though, God has a way of hovering and micro-managing so to speak, until you deal with what’s on your heart. After all, he made your heart and he knows even the slightest transgressions against yourself or him. Sometimes only he can clean up the ugly mess you made of your heart.

I guess this is how it will be from now on. There really never is a “done” in your spiritual journey. You are never a completed task to God. I have always been that person to look at due dates and deadlines and focus on the finality of the project. How do I get a project without a deadline? How am I supposed to keep working on something that will never complete? Day by day is the answer. Keep growing, keep deepening the relationship. Keep working on yourself. You can only be better tomorrow than you are today.

I pray you deliver your bruised fruit to God today.