I asked God a simple question today.

“Why didn’t you make goldfish the apple of your eye?”

Afterall, goldfish would be way easier than us humans. They have very basic needs of food and water. Those two things are easy. check!
I swear I heard him giggle at me after posing such a question. I was just honestly pondering why on earth he would choose us..such difficult and needy creatures! That answer came to me later that morning….

As I was searching on my blog and trying to figure out how this thing is doing, and wondering if anyone is interested in my words. I was looking to see if anyone was searching for this blog on google. (I know, it’s silly) Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! God likes to be searched for. I saw that three people put in my blog name into their search engine yesterday and I was stoked! I was so excited that word is getting out!

Can you imagine how God feels when we actually go searching for him? Hunting him? Wanting to read what he wrote? AWESOME! The goldfish answer fell into place. I know its silly.. but goldfish don’t need anything! That is purely why he made humans as the apple of his eye. We are needy, sinful little creatures and he knows that. God doesn’t want an emotionless character going ‘bloop bloop’ and eating all day. No, he wants actions, obedience, Q & A sessions, interaction with him! He knows our lives inside and out, at every single angle. He wants that deeper connection. He wants us to play seek and find. We will never go on the hunt for God and come up empty handed. Never.