Oh shut up Devil, I am going to be happy today no matter what!

That response always warrants action. Mostly the re-action of a fleeing evil spirit hovering in your light. Rebuke and refuse to accept it, that is my advice to you. Sometimes you wake up in a foul mood. Sometimes you can’t get anything to go your way, and it in turn puts you in a foul mood. Guess who’s jumping up and down in your face? ahem… Yes, that’s right. You can expect those attacks because undoubtably they will come, however your response limits his actions. Let’s repeat that. YOUR RESPONSE LIMITS HIS ACTIONS! Can I get an Amen? So today I am limiting the devil. I am lengthening the reach of God.. Want to join me? I dare you to take your stance. Guard your place today. Go bounding out of bed and out the door. Smile at someone that looks grumpy today. Hold the door for someone being rude. If someone looks frazzled go up to them and say God bless you. (And not hastily and with attitude either!. Do it nicely) It’s funny how we have to remind ourselves to do good deeds – and also place the fine print – do it nicely and with good nature. I am sure something is bothering you this week. I am certain there is something laying heavy on your heart, and it is probably giving you a bad disposition. Quit allowing that to rule your spirit and emotions. Let it go this week. Pray it through and hand it to God, and for Christ’s sake – be happy.

Merry Christmas to you all!