How many of you out there are back row baptists? Anyone? Anyone?

I’m not knocking it, I’ve been there. For years I was a pew hugger, and preferably the furthest away from the pulpit the better. I still heard the same words the preacher was preaching from the back. I just had a better vantage point, and a quick out for bathroom breaks and I always would be the first to the parking lot for lunchtime when the sermon ended. It was all good being a back row baptist….UNTIL…

I may have just realized that the seat I always took in church was directly proportional to the place I thought I deserved in the kingdom. I’ve never been able to quote scripture. I couldn’t even tell you all the books in the bible. I would go to church on sunday to get fed, and go on my merry way. An endless cycle of attendance and re-deliverance each Sunday from the back row.

A funny thing happens when you realign yourself with God. You get a certain entitlement about things. I think I deserve to sit up front. My degree of knowledge may not be there yet, but my hunger is. I don’t want to play door-tag pew-hugger anymore. I want more out of God and my visits to church than that. It never really dawned on me that where you sit in church may dictate where you see yourself thru Christ. Why place that distance between yourself and God when afterall you are there to worship him. I don’t know that answer. All I can tell you, is I fell into the same ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ that a lot of folks do. I want you to start recognizing yourself as a front runner in Christ. It doesn’t matter what you wear, or what you know at this point in your spiritual journey. What matters is your heart. Don’t let your mind dictate the distance, be led by your heart.

I feel everyone is entitled to first place with God. The one-on-one relationship we have places us in the front lines. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be left out. I don’t want to be 3rd in line. I want my marching orders. There is no need for heads hanging down, when you deserve it all. You are worthy, you are deserving, and you are always first in Gods eyes. Start thinking that way. Start believing that, start accepting that, and then start taking your new seats in Gods house.

God Bless,