Who am I? Who do I want to be?

It occurred to me that I have spend a good number of years trying to find my own identity. Trying to be popular in my own circles and attain a status that I thought was socially acceptable. Now I want to erase it all. It seems “popularity” many times comes with damaged goods, especially seeing the self-serving ones that already possess that title. Now I want to peel off the labels I placed on myself. Not that they were bad labels, but they weren’t branded by God. They were branded by me, and who I thought I was supposed to be. I’m working on rebranding myself. To the new person Christ has called me to be. You can’t just pack up the old merchandise and discard it as damages, nor can you wipe away the old buyers of your label. You can only hope someone else sees you on the shelf and wants to buy into your new image (and hope the previous buyers see it’s true value). It’s hard to strip a label off of something. It’s harder to strip off and re-label. I would never grab an ordinary cup of Folgers and expect you to pay Starbucks prices for it. To the outside buyer the product never changed, you just placed a different sticker on it and charged higher.

Oh the things stuck in my mind these days….

I digress,