KeziahCarrie nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. This is the second one in two weeks! Yippeee!! It was created by bloggers to promote other bloggers.

In order to accept this award I must tell you 10 things that I used to know (that I obviously learned different as an adult) I hope you enjoy my thoughts and acknowledge my nominees at the bottom of the page.

1. My mother told me if you could get close enough to a bird to pour salt on it’s tail you could catch him. So what did my 8 year old self do? Go outside with the salt shaker! Little did I know that it was an analogy. (I guess that was the next grade in school that taught me what that word was!) Oh, my mother…

2. My mother told me that when it was raining outside and the sun was shining, the devil was beating his wife. So I grew up thinking that that woman got beat an awful lot!

3. I grew up in search of the money tree my parents often talked about.

4. My mother used to tell me as a child, that if I cursed – she would wash me with black soap and I would turn black. Little did I know at the time, that soap didn’t really exist..However, It did keep me in line for the most part.

5. I learned that you won’t get sick by walking / playing in the rain. Oh and lightening isn’t really God taking my picture!

6. I still ponder how much sense is required in this old saying “You ain’t got sense enough to pour piss out of a bottle” Oh, the things you hear growing up in the south.

7. If you swallow a watermelon seed you will not get pregnant. I just wasn’t brave enough to try it until I was 15.

8. If a baby sees itself in a mirror before it’s a year old – it will stutter. Or atleast I’ve been told.. Still not brave enough to test this one..

9. Everytime my mom ate raisins she said she always ended up pregnant. Sure mom..that’s what did it. I still won’t touch a raisin though.

10. Always wear clean underwear and socks, you never know when you might end up in the hospital. This one is still true however.. Oh I can’t wait to pass some of these along..

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