As I was driving on my way to work today – hurried and running behind as usual, I was stopping at every stinking red light! As I was banging the steering wheel with my hands, and huffing and puffing at the stupid red lights in my way, God started talking to me. He reminded me that when you are in a hurry, and you just want to get from point A to point B, and you hit every red light maybe God is trying to slow you down for a reason. Then I began thinking about red lights in their good light. They are meant to slow us down. Maybe we need to slow down to make us think, or catch up on a phone call we missed, or maybe think about the other important things in our life besides just “getting there” to wherever destination we are going.

Red lights cause us to regroup. They make us slow down. Red lights in traffic are no different than hurdles, or mountains or molehills that present themselves in everyday life. They are meant to make us stop, be still, and think for a minute. Those times can be the tests. Those moments are when you have the options to go left or right, fast or slow. Then those choices lead to where God places you and when God places you at your next stop.

To those who much are given much much is expected. I think if you pass these little red light tests, the “sit be still” and wait, and talk to God -that is when you regroup and God tests you. God gives you more when those things come into your life. Sometimes we just need to stop and rid ourselves of everything else and just calm down for a moment. We are so hyperactive, frazzled children of God here. We have all got our hands in a million pots and we never really just stop and think in our day to day operations. Just a reminder to stop and think for a moment! Our mind goes 90 miles a minute and we are taught that way in our society. I think that ruins us in a way as christians. We need those quiet times and we need those times to stop and regroup. Quite possibly,sometimes, if we don’t do it on our own, God puts that red light in front of us and God makes us do it.

Ponder that.