“I just want to mad for awhile” I could hear myself saying inside. I had already had a rough day, and staring at the pile of bills in my lap only made it worse. Sometimes you just get so far pushed down during daily circumstances that you just want to pout. What makes it even more irritating is when you have made up your mind to pout, and no one let’s you do it! Well that particular reason is why I am blogging today. Yesterday all I wanted to do was be mad awhile. I wasn’t hurting anybody, after all I just wanted to be with me, myself and I when I was doing it. Well that didn’t last. Do you guys have someone that you have in your life that won’t let you be sub par? Someone that when you just want to be mad, they auto correct you and make you feel bad about feeling bad? I do! The only problem is, when you want to be angry and they start praying for you as you are ranting and raving – it only makes you more mad! That certain someone did that for me yesterday. I was in the middle of my ranting, and they start praying “God, please be with Cherish right now, convict her of her attitude and make her uncomfortable until she hands it over, amen” (arghhhh!!!!!!!!) I was screaming in my head. Rolling my eyes and completely feeling like busting this person in the nose – even though I knew they were right. Eventually that evening I went to my prayer closet and handed everything over. Gosh it felt good. I just wanted to dedicate this blog to those people out there that push us, that don’t accept subvpar from our lives, and ultimately make us better people and better christians. So even though I want to bite your heads off when you are praying me through, I ultimately thank you.