I am sick and tired of these campaign commercials. Everytime I turn on the television I see these candidates. Once a year we are plagued with political overdose. To be honest, I can’t say there is anyone in the running that I would feel comfortable throwing my support behind 100%. It’s completely awful to be thinking “ok, I have to choose one, so who is going to screw up the LEAST?”
I think people are in it for the wrong reasons. I recall hearing stories about the good ole days, when the president spoke on the television or radio – everyone stopped what they were doing and listened. It was important. I can’t say that still exists today. I mean, I will be the first to admit when I see the president on the t.v. I scurry to change the channel. I know, it’s awful but true.

I say we change things a little bit. Want an idea that will change the political gammet forever? Let’s offer the president’s job up as a volunteer position. That’s right, no pay. If you don’t do it for the money, you won’t be doing it for the show. I guess you candidates would have to do it because you believe in your product. The success of the country might be depending on it. Hmmm..how about that one? I say we put the country back into the hands of those that really want it.