For months now I have had some pretty incredible visions and dreams that have been about my future. One of those visions was not so good. One of those visions was about my death. I know this may sound a little odd to those with little faith, but God has given me some incredible insight into my future. A few things I have come to accept as truths, but that one vision about my death I don’t know how to react. I am much older in this vision, and I see my grown daughter attending the burial. It’s just a little unsettling still. I was talking to a person who said that you don’t have to accept that vision as true. I was like -what? He said that sometimes God will send you messages like that so you can prepare for something he has shown you. It gave me a different perspective. It made me realize that I could have been shown something to help save my life – rather extend my life – by showing me impending death now. Wow! How awesome is that to think about? I got a divine warning! So what am I gonna do about it? Well for starters, I’m going to get that long over due doctors appointment set up. I’m going to get that physical I’ve been needing. I’m going to prepare with catastrophic insurance. Today I just have to be thankful for the warning.

Makes ya think….