I listened to a song this morning that a friend of mine sings. It’s called the battle is the lords by Shelly Wilson.  (You should go check out her site, she is doing some amazing things in her ministry right now!) Anyhoo….It’s a great song especially if you feel like you have been put in the middle of a battle without the proper armor.  It reminds us simply that “the battle is the Lords and justice is mine” to quote her verbatim. If you cling to Gods promises in your life the battle is won. No matter how much you try to work it out logically in that human brain of yours – God makes things happen. When God wants things to go your way, he will make sure you hit the mark. Sit back, arm yourself with the word of God, and start living the promise. He won the battle for you already, go get your prize.



Short and simple today 🙂

Ahhh.. Refreshed already.