God, talk to me today. I feel your presence upon me – hovering and covering me – yet I’m not hearing you. Guide me lord. I pray my flesh is a slave to the holy spirit inside of me. I pray that you move through me and work through me without me having a chance to back down or look back. Lord make me bolder, make me wiser. Make me more compassionate and kind. Teach me your ways and lead me forcefully to your path – for I don’t want a chance to stray. This world has nothing for me. I am yours completely.

Thank you for the people and opportunities that you have placed in front of me. Thank you for the blessings I didn’t expect. Thank you for your faithfulness, mercy, grace and forgiveness.

I pray for my love. I pray that you give him supernatural strength and energy to do what the spirit requires. I pray your sharpen him so much that he cannot fail. I pray that any guilt or doubt in him be removed and remind him why he’s here. Give his soul understanding, comfort and a raging fire.

I pray for my enemies. You know them lord, even the ones I can’t count. You told me that the attacks would come. What my enemies don’t know is that you have forwarned me. You have revealed their schemes to me, and I know. I am prepared for that battle because of you lord. Thank you for arming me. God, I answer you alone. I pray the holy spirit convicts my enemies and you will fill their hearts with understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. You brought me to this battle, but you also gave me the sword. I will fight for you. I will fight for my will in you. I will forever fight for my place and others place in the kingdom.

The stakes are high. But God you are higher.

Lead me, guide me, protect me.