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Today I pray that God will lead me like a vessel lost at sea. Like a ship without a captain, that he will push me purposefully. I pray that my existence is meager next to him, that all the glory of accomplishments lead new souls to him. I pray for my direction to be wherever he chooses, and I pray that I care less to count my wins and loses. I pray my battle keeps me, and my sword stays in its sheath.
I pray you will fight it for me Lord, when I hand it over to thee. I pray I don’t mis-lead, or teeter far away, I pray you align me to what you want from me today. I pray Lord forgiveness for all the mistakes I will make, and I forgive all others for simple mercy’s sake. Give me God my blessings, Give me what I need.. To make today successful, I begin it on my knees.



So proud to see the knowledge and beauty that God has blessed her with!

Check out this video on YouTube:
God moves through her. what a testimony! beautiful young lady!


I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
‘Cause nobody knows me like the Lord
and you seem to have lost your power

Ive got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
God has wrapped me in his truth
And the lies you tell will fail you

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
Together we get done all we need
I don’t follow your wordly ways
And I don’t need your pay raise

I[ve got the Prince of Peace with me
I’ve got God – and he’s got me
Together we have everything we need
There’s nothing you can do or say to me

Devil pack up and get out of line
I’ve made up my mortal mind
I’ve got more important things
Than playing all your stupid games

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
Your attacks are worthless here today
God has wiped my fears away

When you have the Prince of Peace in thee
There’s nothing he can do or say to thee
Just know that there is no truth
To the lies and things he tells you

So get that Prince of Peace with thee
And swat that devil off your knee
And hang on to God with everything
And he will take you under his wings

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
Now the devil has no choice but to obey me
Theres no power in his attacks or lies
So all he can do is to patronize


Take my life and give it meaning
fill me up with love and care
I feel the best is yet to come
and with it I’ll see you there

my hope comes daily now
I get that fresh renewal
instantly my hands flew up
and then my wings they grew

I’ve never felt better
at times, more sane
yet it doesnt matter
it’s the new life I gained

I may stumble each turn I take
I know lifes changing fast
you will guide each step I make
I know you are leading me back

I never thought you would lead this way
but I am thankful you withstood
for all you have done for me
you have always been good.

I will serve you with all my heart
rip me up and lay my-self down
teach me your lesson, if it tears me apart
I will work on my eternal crown

I wish I knew the “how” lord
I know its better this way
my soul is safe with you
my need in you grows each day

keep guiding lord,
and speaking to me each day
without you I will fail
I don’t want to stray

You have the reins now
Im just following you
hard to see it sometimes
when alone- you can’t push through

Im being selfless now
listening for something too
no more filling empty time
I heard the call, Im coming to you


Be Fishers of Men – Not of Fish (John 21:1-17)

Thank you God for bringing me back

Thank you God for reeling me in

To the sincere appreciation

Of being a true fisher of men


You made me thirsty for your flow

You made me hungry for your feast

I am willing and able now

To push onward piece by piece


So God I cast my words far off

And you will lead your hungry nearer

The line is baited for all to come

The murky deep – becoming clearer


I wait for you from dusk ‘til dawn

I do not tug at my own choice

More nibbles than the one true bite

That makes your heart truly rejoice


I know the task set out for me

I wait patiently by the waters bend

Carefully watching you stir your people

Thus I help you reel them in