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So proud to see the knowledge and beauty that God has blessed her with!

Check out this video on YouTube:
God moves through her. what a testimony! beautiful young lady!


Two things make great music.

Have you ever watched the conductor at a concert? Did you see the passion in their hands? Feel the music in their hearts? The grace and patience as their hands move the tempo? The smile upon their face when everyone hits the right notes in unison? It feels good to them! It is the same for God. The almighty conductor of life’s orchestra.

The conductor is always behind the scenes, never showy, yet always the one that puts in the most effort to make the symphony a success. His hand gestures guide the tempo and forte of the whole piece. Without the conductor the orchestra would be nothing but a group of people aimlessly hoping to succeed. Without the conductor no musical masterpiece can achieve its maximum potential. Ever hear a violin playing solo? sounds good. Then put 5,000 violins together and you get awe inspiring. The musicians may have been practicing their music in seperate places for months, but if you put them all together and add a master conductor – magic happens.

God you know how to play the heart strings of people. In using my words I think you are pulling and tugging on people at the right time. God we know your timing is everything and you are the best conductor in the orchestra of life. It is really amazing to hear your music.

Thank you for being an awesome composer as well. Every piece that is carefully written is beautifully made. (Psalm 139:14I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.)Thank you for writing those compositions and letting me help fill in the missing notes. You have a great composition. Each little note has a single person that fills it in perfectly. I am truly amazed at how things work when we realize you are the almighty composer and we give it all to you and let you conduct.