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Feeling a little like Nancy kerrigan. Most of you remember the incident. It was the whack heard around the world when figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked while training as assailants struck her in the knee with a metal baton, leaving her injured and unable to compete against Tonya Harding.

This week I feel like someone has been knocking me down at every step. Every stumble and piece of bad news I get, I realize I’m on the floor again. Fortunately that’s the perfect place to be. When I find myself on my knees again, i remember I’m in the perfect position to pray. So pray I do.


My prayers are becoming more bold, and more assertive. I am finally at the place now where I know what God expects from me, I just have to get there. One foot in front of the other, is the only position I have. I can’t see past this dense fog, but I am following the beacons that lead me onward.

The devil tries hard. I’ve been knocked down, dragged and slandered. Words are only words. I am at the place of forgiveness and hope for a future that is mine. Some folks just don’t get it, and I guess its not up to me to tell them. It’s time to move on, and let go and only God can provide those abilities. So I pray God will be with those who judge, and who don’t understand, who choose to backlash without the truth. God wants us to look forward instead of in the rearview mirror. I can’t explain what I know. I can’t explain what God knows. And quite honestly I refuse to make excuses or feel guilty about the shando that God did in me.


I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
‘Cause nobody knows me like the Lord
and you seem to have lost your power

Ive got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
God has wrapped me in his truth
And the lies you tell will fail you

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
Together we get done all we need
I don’t follow your wordly ways
And I don’t need your pay raise

I[ve got the Prince of Peace with me
I’ve got God – and he’s got me
Together we have everything we need
There’s nothing you can do or say to me

Devil pack up and get out of line
I’ve made up my mortal mind
I’ve got more important things
Than playing all your stupid games

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
Your attacks are worthless here today
God has wiped my fears away

When you have the Prince of Peace in thee
There’s nothing he can do or say to thee
Just know that there is no truth
To the lies and things he tells you

So get that Prince of Peace with thee
And swat that devil off your knee
And hang on to God with everything
And he will take you under his wings

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
Now the devil has no choice but to obey me
Theres no power in his attacks or lies
So all he can do is to patronize


I’ve had enough of you for a lifetime. I used to run away, far far away when you would attack. I was a timid little girl. I was an infant Christian. Though I do not know everything i need to know, I am growing and learning. Gods grace and mercy is sufficient for me. I will not bow down to you devil. I will not scurry away and back down like I did before. I am stronger. When you attack now, I know it is you. I know how you attack me. I recognize your voice and actions and now I am smart enough to discern the difference. I will not allow you in My life anymore. Your days were numbered before I was even born, and they are still numbered. You have no power in my life. I don’t expect you to back down, but don’t expect me to back down either. Don’t underestimate my tiny hands. My heart is tempered steel and no weapon you use against me will suffice. I know what is to come. God has forewarned me so that my faith in him stands. I accept my challenges and trials – Because I also choose to accept my blessings! So take that devil! I am no longer timid in the eyes of God. I am no longer weak. I will stand and stand firm. I’ve tried life your way – and I failed and I was miserable. Now I am going to try life Gods way – and if I fail – (which I won’t), I will look you up – because I know you are always willing to take me back. The sad truth is I am NOT willing to take YOU back. May my tongue be sharp enough to cut the marionette strings you had over my life and those around me. Take that!

he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee Hebrews 13:5,6 KJV
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?Romans 8:31