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At some point, you guys are going to start thinking I’m making these stories up. However I warn you before I go any further – these are real. Tonight another really amazing thing happened to me and I can’t wait to share it!

Yesterday I had an hour to kill in between appointments so I decided to take a stroll in a department store browsing. I had been looking for a wedding dress for months, and not just any dress would do. LET ME TAKE A MINUTE TO EXPLAIN WHY

Remember I mentioned the visions I had been seeing? One of which was my wedding. My soon-to-be had seen the exact same vision, however where I only saw him, he only saw me. He explained the dress he saw to a very specific detail, he drew that dress on a napkin for me a couple months ago, and I have been obsessed with finding it every since. I knew it existed somewhere because God showed it to him, and it was burned so vividly in his mind.

I had searched so hard for this dress! So many ways in google and bing that my head was exploding. I had searched catalogs, bridal magazines, local shops, and I was at a dead end. UNTIL……

I snapped a picture of a dress I saw at this department store and picture messaged him on his cell phone. I continued looking, because I didn’t think it was quite the right dress. He got back to me 30 minutes later and said “thats it” in caps. After I got the text message my phone blew up with phone calls from him. Well… I had already left the store. Matter of fact, I was 10 mintutes away so I popped a U-turn in the street and went back to get that dress (which they only had one of by the way.)

I pulled in, ran into the store like a mad-woman and went to the spot I found it. GONE! I panicked. I walked every isle thinking someone put it down somewhere else (after all it had only been 30 mins!) I even went so far as to see if anyone else was holding my dress – and I had decided I was going to buy them out to have that dress! I peeled every dress one-by-one until I was sure that it was gone. I asked every person on the floor about that dress and insisted they check in the stockroom, because I wasn’t leaving without that dress! Unfortunately, the dress was, in fact, gone – with no others to replace it.

I WAS DISHEARTENED. I made the phone call, and told him..

That night he got home from work and insisted we go back to the store. I insisted that I didn’t want to go back because I knew it wasn’t there- nor was there anymore coming. He was adament. So I digressed and went along preparing for yet another disappointment.

We got to the parking lot, and he prayed. In his prayer he said “Let us find the right dress, the one you showed me, and put it in my hand Lord, Amen”. I looked over at him, and smirked. We walked in. We went to the dresses.

BAM! There was that dress. Not just one, but four of them in each size.

I had an Oh my God! moment just then. My eyes were the size of golf balls when I said “those dresses were NOT there, I checked!”

I grabbed the dresses, rushed to the fitting room, and tried it on. I found one that fit, walked out, and I knew. His face said it all. After 10 minutes he uttered “That’s it!”

So I believe that dress was meant to be. He saw it, God provided it. If I had found it earlier in the day, it wouldn’t have been this great testimony to what God can do with a little faith and prayer. I now own the wedding dress that my hubby saw in his vision months back. How amazing is that story?! It is almost too surreal to believe. However, if God is for us who can stand against us?


I’ll admit, I’m quite the hurrier. I rush about doing things that HAVE to get done, so I can focus on the things I WANT to do. It’s the way I am wired, and I can’t help it. I always tend to get work done quick so I can focus on play. The same thing has been the case the last week or so in my spiritual walk. After everything I have been through, you would think I would be like a lit match on fire, and trying to do everything I can before the match inevitablity burns out. However, carnal life gets in the way. It’s hard to come down from the highs with God and the holy spirit and get back to real life as you knew it before. So I have decided I have spiritual A.D.D (attention deficit disorder). The next question is what do you do about it?

Since I just came to this revelation today in church, I must ponder it awhile. Seems I rush through my bible, cram as much inspirational messages in my ear I can, and pray incessantly all day long in 5 minute spurts now. What the heck happened? I know what needs to be done. I am still hungry for the words God speaks to me, yet its rush rush rush through all the miniscule tasks. I’m stuck in that revolving door and was frankly having a blast running and screaming. Ahhhhhhhhh!

5 minute verse, Check!
10 minutes of praise songs, Check!
15 prayers today, Check!
One Godly action, Check!


Someone had to put the brakes on my spiritual decline.Spiritual growth isn’t a check list! I have been too close to God to back that far away. So I contemplate my position in the next weeks ahead. How do you stop what is your carnal nature? Not quite sure yet.

Guess it’s time to just admit that I have spiritual A.D.D and work on a solution. There is no pill to take for this syndrome. You just work past it. It’s amazing I dont have alarms on my phone telling me when to eat, pray, and breathe.

It’s funny to me that in the process of simply writing this blog I am painting my toenails, cooking dinner and watching my weekly dose of television. Oh my gosh, I pray someone else has this problem! I suppose I must accept I am just a different breed, and I can “do anything you can do better”(and incompletely and half-brained) as I ponder this simple truth I giggle. So here’s to those that also fall into spiritual A.D.D. Know that it’s ok to recognize it, and hopefully with gods forgiveness, we can correct and adjust. Oh darn, there goes the oven!