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I was thinking this morning about Easter, and rightfully so, for as a Christian how can you not? As with everything in this world, many people have turned Easter into a “Bunny and Eggs” holiday. Well, I still celebrate with Jesus, but I also incorporate the bunny and eggs. Do you remember as a child hunting tirelessly for that golden egg? You knew that there would be a great payoff when you found it! $5, $10 or even $20 might be inside, and you wanted it!(I always did anyway!) I want you to think about the Easter Eggs from Heaven today, as you celebrate this holiday with your families in hunting for that golden egg.

I have breathe and life in this egg

I have gifts of the spirit in this egg

I have God’s will and blessings in this egg

I have everlasting life, and a price that was fully paid in this golden egg.


For the first time in a long time I am on my own for the holidays. It’s been totally humbling. You know, when you find yourself by yourself – Just what do you do with yourself?

Funny way of putting it, but for me I’m not much for pity parties. “Woe is me” isn’t my style. Instead, I made this holiday season about other people. Giving. Truly giving for the first time. Not just because I had nothing better to do,and not just because it’s the right thing to do.. But giving because I really wanted to. And let me tell you, it’s been great. I’m starting to do this whole remolding process and carving the details.

I began a meals on wheels route for the holidays. That alone was humbling. Seeing how some people live – then seeing how I live really made me thankful for what I have.

I have to tell you, the first day I pulled up with my meals in tow – driving my bmw up to houses that couldn’t support the roof – I felt so foolish. Maybe it was just me seeing it that way, maybe it was God still breaking me down from my old ways of seeing things. I just got in my car afterwards and wept. I wept because of my self centeredness, my selfishness, my ignorance of the world around me. How unappreciative I had been. It made me so thankful and grateful for everything I have.

Then as I walked up door to door- I broke down again. The hands of the ill that can barely open their door, the wounds of the lonely that have no one to care for them, the family of 8 that lives in one room with a single mattress to sleep on and hardwood floors with no heat.

Humbled. I see what I have. I don’t mean material things or a nice home – though God has blessed me with plenty. What I saw was I have two able hands, two able feet, a mouth that can share kind words and heal the wounded of spirit. I have a smile that can brighten someones day. I can give those gifts freely. It doesn’t cost a thing.