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Some people have come up to me and asked how God speaks. Now I wish I could tell you that God comes down with this loud earth-shattering voice, the ground shakes and volcanoes spew, but that’s not the case. I wish I could tell you that God led me around like a monopoly game piece (though that is my prayer, thats not exactly how God speaks to me). My prayers every day are “God lead me, guide me, direct me to your path” and I feel like he does that. There are times information is spoken into me and I can sort through the information like a scroll of hieroglyphic images and put the pieces together to make sense of the message. Sometimes I am flooded with information, like someone poured a bucket of liquid words into my soul. Let me remind you that God doesn’t talk like we talk, his verbiage is much faster than we could ever speak or talk. Floods of information. That’s the best way I can describe it. You are left with a flood of information, and only in Gods perfect timing will all the pieces fall into place.

I pray and hope and wish that I would be like a feather in the wind to God. That when the wind of the spirit blew, I would follow without a moments delay. No heavy burdens holding me down, just weightlessly, following my purpose. I guess that is how my walk with God has been this past year. I have been so in tune with the spirit inside me, that I listen. Now you have to recognize the difference between God and his adversary. I know that voice, and I know how God speaks to me, therefore I can discern the two. God will never speak in a condemning or condescending voice, he is the voice of teaching and correction. The devil on the other hand wants you to know you are an idiot and can do nothing right. Just recognize who you are talking to.

God speaks to me in little things. Everyday occurrences like a tree shedding its leaves, a bird soaking up a water puddle, a red light. I know it sounds silly, but it took me a long time that God was speaking to me during some of the most mundane days, and average sightings. Then I started thinking back at all the verses in the bible about how God spoke. It’s pretty awesome just running through a handful of them!

1.Through the Word of God (2 Tim 3:16, Psalm 119:11, 105):
2.Through the inner still, small voice of Holy Spirit (Acts 11:12, Acts 13:2, Acts 16:6-7, 1 Kings 19:12, Isaiah 30:19-21)
3.Through the advice and counsel of men and women of God (Prov 12:15)
4.Through the Audible Voice of God (Acts 9:4-5)
5.Through Dreams (Matthew 1:20-21) – There are many instances in the bible, when God clearly communicates through dreams. Through Visions (Acts 10:9-18)
6.Through Angels (Luke 1: 26-38)
7.By circumstances: There is a danger though, letting mere circumstances run our lives, can be opening doors to Satan. So be wise with regards to your circumstances and expect God to speak to you through them.
8.By Inner Conviction and Peace: It is similar to the inner still, small voice of holy spirit. God can give you deep conviction and inner peace about something.

Yes he was a God of mighty words that shook the earth! Yes he was a God that spoke in dreams subtly! Yes he sent angels to relay messages! He is all of those things. Everyone is receptive to different things. God did so many amazing things. He doesn’t talk in one way for everyone. For instance, some people say that they only hear God when they meditate on God. Ok. Some people only hear God when they read the Bible. Ok. Some folks say that only when they are on their knees and still, will they hear from God. Ok. I am not doubting anybody. I am not calling anyone out. I agree with all of them. This is how God speaks individually to them. That is their own personal relationship.

We can’t understand everything that God does. It’s not meant to be that way. God sometimes sends people into your life to speak a word. How many of you have had a total stranger walk up to you and say something that struck a nerve deep inside you? God told them to tell you something. So if God was trying to tell you something and was incessantly speaking into you but you weren’t getting it – he used another method. That leads me to the other ways God speaks. He will use a person.

So to conclude, God speaks in many many different forms and many different ways. I just feel like I needed to get this out there. When I write these blogs and I say “God told me” I immediately get this frazzled popping eyeballs look and wonder where my white jacket is! But that’s not the case. I’m just in tune enough to God and my spiritual side to receive Gods messages and hear him speak. You should be that way too. I wanted to share this with you because I think they can bless your life and maybe you can start listening a little more intently to the word of God and how he speaks to you. And don’t discredit it because you think “oh, I couldn’t have just thought that…yadda yadda” oh and side note – that’s another way God speaks. If you are thinking about one thing, and immediately your focus and thoughts do a 180 maybe God wants you to think or do something else.

Amen, God bless and I hope God speaks to you today!