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The anointing of God is a very precious thing. When I first started listening to people talk about “the anointing of God” I was completely confused and I will be the first to admit it. anointing seemed (to someone who grew up bapticostal) somewhat like a Catholic ritual. It was only until I started digging deeper into Gods word that the understanding started opening up to me. Since this was a topic that was foreign to me, I thought I could enlighten others. The anointing of God is God’s blessing on your life. For instance, you want to go be a preacher and you are seeking knowledge, higher education,and are cutting your pathway directly to becoming a self-made preacher – awesome. However, the degree is great but the anointing is better. Let me explain…

Have you ever asked God for a certain skill set in your life? Let’s say there was a job opportunity that you wanted so bad, but you knew that you weren’t skilled in it? Well now let’s say that God wanted you to have that job.. Wouldn’t he arm you with everything you needed to get it? Of course he would! God is a God of gifts and blessings. He wants us to live blessed lives and have plenty.

Deuteronomy 12:7 There, in the presence of the LORD your God, you and your families shall eat and shall rejoice in everything you have put your hand to, because the LORD your God has blessed you.

Mind you, I am not targeting preachers here, however I have heard some preaching that made me question the anointing, and frankly their reasons for being behind that pulpit. We are all human, and we can all fall prey to human desires. Some preaching is self serving, some is self righteous, some are selfless and directed purely from true hearts and true teaching that have been revealed from God himself. On the opposite of the spectrum I want to explain something…

The anointing of God can – and has been used for the wrong motives. It can, and has brought trouble onto the persons mis-using Gods anointing and to those who heard the lies or saw one. God is very particular about who gets his anointing and he uses the humble more than the proud for good reason. We can all be a little self righteous…amen? That’s why God tests you before he gives you the anointing. He prepares your heart beforehand and will give you small “God tests” and waits for you to pass. once that happens you can step out and receive Gods anointing and blessings on your life. Gods promises never change. If you feel a certain call on your life, it’s probably not just your imagination. It could be God calling you.

God Bless,


I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
‘Cause nobody knows me like the Lord
and you seem to have lost your power

Ive got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
God has wrapped me in his truth
And the lies you tell will fail you

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
Together we get done all we need
I don’t follow your wordly ways
And I don’t need your pay raise

I[ve got the Prince of Peace with me
I’ve got God – and he’s got me
Together we have everything we need
There’s nothing you can do or say to me

Devil pack up and get out of line
I’ve made up my mortal mind
I’ve got more important things
Than playing all your stupid games

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
Your attacks are worthless here today
God has wiped my fears away

When you have the Prince of Peace in thee
There’s nothing he can do or say to thee
Just know that there is no truth
To the lies and things he tells you

So get that Prince of Peace with thee
And swat that devil off your knee
And hang on to God with everything
And he will take you under his wings

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
Now the devil has no choice but to obey me
Theres no power in his attacks or lies
So all he can do is to patronize