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I was thinking out loud today and I noticed I was saying some pretty interesting things. I can only hope it was God talking through me, and not my own crazy meandering thoughts drifting aimlessly in thin air. However, I got hung up on human emotions. I was given the words “made in Gods image” and putting two and two together…I immediately jumped to my computer and started tacking away on the keyboard..

God must be pretty awesome. Just think of how we are made. Such complex silly creatures. I got to thinking about all the human emotions and traits there are. There are a lot of emotions and traits! Think about it.. Happiness, sadness, joy, grief, grumpiness (seven dwarves come to mind.) squirrel on the paper! eek! backspace. (if you know me that last line will get you in the gut)


However, the point of it all is how awesome God is. He too experiences the emotions we experience it is only magnified 10x. Imagine Love. Wow, doesn’t love for us feel amazing? One of the most powerful human emotions. (faith hope and love, the greatest is love..)
Think about anger. Another really powerful one. I dont know about you but I never liked making mom or dad angry. Imagine Gods fury and anger. Multiplied 10x. I would rather keep god happy personally. Think about a sense of humor. God is funny. Really funny. How about the trait of romance? God is a true romantic. I’ve only just recently learned this about him.

Did you ever think about the fact that God has a face? He has a nose! I mean, how else could he smell the aromas of the burnt offerings in old testament? It’s so exciting when you start discovering how close we really are made alike him. It says we are made in his image, yet we tend to think of God as this “far off star trek deep space 9 creator of all creature”… He is like us in every way. Rather, we are alike him. He made us that way.

When someone tells you that God knows your hurting. He does. When they say God feels your pain. He does. He knows every spectrum of human emotions because he built us that way – in his image -and he himself feels them also. I don’t think I ever really thought much about it before. But the lightbulb came on in a huge way, and I have to say I am excited about this. Really excited.