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Well tonight was quite an eventful evening. I decided to come home after work and go watch a movie and have dinner like a mini-mid-week date night. Well after watching  Wrath of the Titans (I do not recommend it btw) we went to dinner. That is where all the fun happened! I’m sitting across the table from my date, and we are having casual, random conversations.Then all of the sudden, he closes his eyes to pray. (Granted I thought it was a little odd because we pray when the food comes, not generally before I smell it coming out of the kitchen)..

But at any rate, I rolled with it. I noticed he prayed an awful long time, but I felt it would have been rude of me to interrupt. So I sat, waited, watched, huffed *once.  After that he looked up and said “God is on me”. I didn’t look at him like he was crazy because I know how God shows up, but I was perplexed not knowing what he was showing up like that for.

I ended up eating half my meal alone because he went to the car to take the phone call. At any rate, I just sit here and think about it. Who would have thought that God would show up before dinner prayer? Before Sunday. It reminded me how we forget that God is all around us all the time. I have spent so much time calling out to him here lately, that I probably wouldn’t hear him call me because my line would be busy. I was a little jealous tonight when he got the call from God, the holy spirit of God, and I was left wanting. Then again, I sit here and realize that the call wasn’t for me this time. This situation reminds me of the Brookshires Holy Ghost experience….Ohh Ohh.. I have my next Blog!!


I’ve had enough of you for a lifetime. I used to run away, far far away when you would attack. I was a timid little girl. I was an infant Christian. Though I do not know everything i need to know, I am growing and learning. Gods grace and mercy is sufficient for me. I will not bow down to you devil. I will not scurry away and back down like I did before. I am stronger. When you attack now, I know it is you. I know how you attack me. I recognize your voice and actions and now I am smart enough to discern the difference. I will not allow you in My life anymore. Your days were numbered before I was even born, and they are still numbered. You have no power in my life. I don’t expect you to back down, but don’t expect me to back down either. Don’t underestimate my tiny hands. My heart is tempered steel and no weapon you use against me will suffice. I know what is to come. God has forewarned me so that my faith in him stands. I accept my challenges and trials – Because I also choose to accept my blessings! So take that devil! I am no longer timid in the eyes of God. I am no longer weak. I will stand and stand firm. I’ve tried life your way – and I failed and I was miserable. Now I am going to try life Gods way – and if I fail – (which I won’t), I will look you up – because I know you are always willing to take me back. The sad truth is I am NOT willing to take YOU back. May my tongue be sharp enough to cut the marionette strings you had over my life and those around me. Take that!

he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee Hebrews 13:5,6 KJV
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?Romans 8:31