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I have been working a blog post out in my mind for several weeks now. I got the title “success in a box” by my random thought processes that occur in a day. Basically the principles of the success in a box is what we wish we had. We wish that God would just plant us in business, an overflowing money-tree orchard, or a partnership that we could just reap the benefits of the success instantaniously. Yeah…. Wouldnt that be great?

I have been praying a lot about my vocation. I want to do something greater than what I feel like I am doing now. We all go through those times in our lives where we just feel like there is more out there. Well, I am in that place. I asked God if he would set me up for success. Set it up to where he would put all the supplies and talents I need in a box, and opening the box is the hardest thing I would have to endure. lol…yeah right. Ridiculous thoughts!

Then a funny thing came over me. Thinking of work and sucess, I began to ponder qualifications for this new position I was asking God to put me in. How would I apply? What about a spiritual resume? Am I qualified for the gifts I am asking God for? hmmm….not sure yet. I want to work with God, but would I just work for grace? Un-ending un-failing grace sounds good –BUT.

Hmm….. What are the qualifications I possess? What level am I on in Gods eyes? My heart? My spirit? I have been told once or twice that I “looked good on paper” in interviews. I wonder what I look like to God. If I were in line next to – lets say Mother Teresa – how far away from landing that gig am I?


I wish I could turn in my spiritual resume and have it red-inked by God himself. Blot over my mistakes. Make the necessary improvements. What else do I need to learn to be amazing at Gods works? All these things I just sit and think about. What would your spiritual resume look like? I think mine would appear like this:

I’ll leave you with that.

Galatians 5:22-23 ESV

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.



Somedays I think I would get more done in my closet! (prayer closet that is). Sunday morning I woke up ready to go try out a new church in the area. I met the pastor and his wife and they both seemed like nice people so I thought I would stop in and see how their services are. I arrived a few minutes late so I sat in the back row (which I now stay away from in general), but it was accessible easily to me. There was a lot of song and dance going on – but today – Monday morning, I would still be waiting for the meat and potato sermon I was hoping for. I’m not one of those people that rely on entertainment at church. I can get entertainment readily at a coffee shop or movie theater. I wanted some teaching, preaching, word reading! When did that become “too much to ask for?”

Well, after I ducked out a little early from the “service” (even though it did a dis-service to everyone in attendance) I went home mad. I know I shouldn’t have, but I was furious at the lack thereof. So I went home and got in my closet. I knew I needed to clear the air. I didn’t know you could feel so far from God sitting in his house! So I apologized and asked for some one on one time. There is something magnificent about a heartfelt plea to want to spend time with your maker. God showed up and filled me with his holy spirit crouching on my knees beside my clothes hamper and a pile of shoes. Thank God I serve THAT God! The one who shows up to a sincere heart. The one who reaches those innermost needs. The one who doesn’t care if you are in a church, a grocery line, or a dirty clothes filled closet to meet with you. Amen!


“I just want to mad for awhile” I could hear myself saying inside. I had already had a rough day, and staring at the pile of bills in my lap only made it worse. Sometimes you just get so far pushed down during daily circumstances that you just want to pout. What makes it even more irritating is when you have made up your mind to pout, and no one let’s you do it! Well that particular reason is why I am blogging today. Yesterday all I wanted to do was be mad awhile. I wasn’t hurting anybody, after all I just wanted to be with me, myself and I when I was doing it. Well that didn’t last. Do you guys have someone that you have in your life that won’t let you be sub par? Someone that when you just want to be mad, they auto correct you and make you feel bad about feeling bad? I do! The only problem is, when you want to be angry and they start praying for you as you are ranting and raving – it only makes you more mad! That certain someone did that for me yesterday. I was in the middle of my ranting, and they start praying “God, please be with Cherish right now, convict her of her attitude and make her uncomfortable until she hands it over, amen” (arghhhh!!!!!!!!) I was screaming in my head. Rolling my eyes and completely feeling like busting this person in the nose – even though I knew they were right. Eventually that evening I went to my prayer closet and handed everything over. Gosh it felt good. I just wanted to dedicate this blog to those people out there that push us, that don’t accept subvpar from our lives, and ultimately make us better people and better christians. So even though I want to bite your heads off when you are praying me through, I ultimately thank you.



I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
‘Cause nobody knows me like the Lord
and you seem to have lost your power

Ive got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
God has wrapped me in his truth
And the lies you tell will fail you

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
Together we get done all we need
I don’t follow your wordly ways
And I don’t need your pay raise

I[ve got the Prince of Peace with me
I’ve got God – and he’s got me
Together we have everything we need
There’s nothing you can do or say to me

Devil pack up and get out of line
I’ve made up my mortal mind
I’ve got more important things
Than playing all your stupid games

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
There’s nothing you can do or say to me
Your attacks are worthless here today
God has wiped my fears away

When you have the Prince of Peace in thee
There’s nothing he can do or say to thee
Just know that there is no truth
To the lies and things he tells you

So get that Prince of Peace with thee
And swat that devil off your knee
And hang on to God with everything
And he will take you under his wings

I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me
Now the devil has no choice but to obey me
Theres no power in his attacks or lies
So all he can do is to patronize


I was thinking out loud today and I noticed I was saying some pretty interesting things. I can only hope it was God talking through me, and not my own crazy meandering thoughts drifting aimlessly in thin air. However, I got hung up on human emotions. I was given the words “made in Gods image” and putting two and two together…I immediately jumped to my computer and started tacking away on the keyboard..

God must be pretty awesome. Just think of how we are made. Such complex silly creatures. I got to thinking about all the human emotions and traits there are. There are a lot of emotions and traits! Think about it.. Happiness, sadness, joy, grief, grumpiness (seven dwarves come to mind.) squirrel on the paper! eek! backspace. (if you know me that last line will get you in the gut)


However, the point of it all is how awesome God is. He too experiences the emotions we experience it is only magnified 10x. Imagine Love. Wow, doesn’t love for us feel amazing? One of the most powerful human emotions. (faith hope and love, the greatest is love..)
Think about anger. Another really powerful one. I dont know about you but I never liked making mom or dad angry. Imagine Gods fury and anger. Multiplied 10x. I would rather keep god happy personally. Think about a sense of humor. God is funny. Really funny. How about the trait of romance? God is a true romantic. I’ve only just recently learned this about him.

Did you ever think about the fact that God has a face? He has a nose! I mean, how else could he smell the aromas of the burnt offerings in old testament? It’s so exciting when you start discovering how close we really are made alike him. It says we are made in his image, yet we tend to think of God as this “far off star trek deep space 9 creator of all creature”… He is like us in every way. Rather, we are alike him. He made us that way.

When someone tells you that God knows your hurting. He does. When they say God feels your pain. He does. He knows every spectrum of human emotions because he built us that way – in his image -and he himself feels them also. I don’t think I ever really thought much about it before. But the lightbulb came on in a huge way, and I have to say I am excited about this. Really excited.

Take my life and give it meaning
fill me up with love and care
I feel the best is yet to come
and with it I’ll see you there

my hope comes daily now
I get that fresh renewal
instantly my hands flew up
and then my wings they grew

I’ve never felt better
at times, more sane
yet it doesnt matter
it’s the new life I gained

I may stumble each turn I take
I know lifes changing fast
you will guide each step I make
I know you are leading me back

I never thought you would lead this way
but I am thankful you withstood
for all you have done for me
you have always been good.

I will serve you with all my heart
rip me up and lay my-self down
teach me your lesson, if it tears me apart
I will work on my eternal crown

I wish I knew the “how” lord
I know its better this way
my soul is safe with you
my need in you grows each day

keep guiding lord,
and speaking to me each day
without you I will fail
I don’t want to stray

You have the reins now
Im just following you
hard to see it sometimes
when alone- you can’t push through

Im being selfless now
listening for something too
no more filling empty time
I heard the call, Im coming to you


I am so fed up with these celebrities and scientists. They think they have the whole world figured out, and assuredly they do not. What the heck is all this scientology bull crap? I mean, really?! Scientology sounds a lot like yoga to me. You medititate (empty thinking, not focusing on God) and expect your power to be unlocked like some game code. Seriously? Too much Matrix watching I presume.

L. Ron Hubbard, I would hate to be you one second after death, when the truth will be revealed to you. I have gotten to the point that I wont even support those celebrities anymore by watching their films or such. Why line satan’s army pockets with my hard earned cash? I would much rather see my money end up somewhere useful. These scientists, that have decided that their brains are just going to get them everywhere. That one zen-ful day their brains will just short circuit and they will fall to the earth forever as nothingness. Bull flippin’ crap!

How can people that are so smart and intellectual be so stupid? Hey there scientist, that little voice in your head that you call a conscience…uh, where do you think that voice comes from?

Contemporary scientists in ethology, neuroscience and evolutionary psychology seek to explain conscience as a function of the brain that evolved to facilitate reciprocal altruism within societies. Attempts have been made by neuroscientists to locate the free will necessary for the veto of conscience to operate in a measurable awareness of an intention to carry out an act that occurs about 350–400 microseconds after the electrical discharge known as the ‘readiness potential.’ Jacques Pitrat claims that some kind of artificial conscience is beneficial in Artificial intelligence systems to improve their long-term performance and direct their introspective processing.Antonio Damasio considers conscience an aspect of extended consciousness beyond survival-related dispositions and incorporating the search for truth and desire to build norms and ideals for behavior.

Yea, Yea, Yea…It’s not at all your little spirit man inside talking to you and showing you right from wrong..nah…couldn’t be.

The New Testament concept of conscience is more individual in nature and is seen in three major areas. First, conscience is a God-given capacity for human beings to exercise self-evaluation and critique. Paul refers several times to his own conscience as being “good” or “clear” (Acts 23:1, 24:16; 1 Corinthians 4:4). This tells us that Paul examined his own words and deeds and found them to be in accordance with his morals and value system which were, of course, based on God’s standards. His conscience verified that they were in accord with those standards and were, therefore, blameless.

Second, in the New Testament conscience is consistently portrayed as a witness to something. Paul refers to the Gentiles as having consciences that bear witness to the presence of the law of God written on their hearts, even though they did not have the Mosaic Law (Romans 2:14-15). He also appeals to his own conscience as a witness that he speaks the truth (Romans 9:1), that he has conducted himself in holiness and sincerity in his dealings with men (2 Corinthians 1:12), and that his conscience tells him his actions are apparent to both God and the witness of other men’s consciences (2 Corinthians 5:11).

Third, conscience is portrayed as a servant of the individual’s value system. An immature or weak value system produces a weak conscience, while a fully informed value system produces a strong sense of right and wrong. In the Christian life, one’s conscience can be driven by an inadequate understanding of scriptural truths and can produce feelings of guilt and shame disproportionate to the issues at hand. Maturing in the faith strengthens the conscience and applies its promptings to issues of greater consequence in the Christian life.

This last function of the conscience is the issue Paul addresses to the Corinthian church regarding the issue of eating food that had been sacrificed to idols. He makes the case that since idols are not real gods, food sacrificed to them is nothing. But some in the church were weak in their understanding and believed that such gods really existed. Eating food that had been sacrificed to the gods would have horrified them because their consciences were formed by the erroneous prejudices and superstitious views that often accompany spiritual immaturity. Therefore, Paul encourages those more mature in their understanding not to exercise their freedom to eat if it would cause the consciences of their weaker brothers to condemn their actions. The lesson here is that if our consciences are clear because of mature faith and understanding, we are not to cause those with weaker consciences to stumble by exercising the freedom that comes with a stronger conscience.

Sometimes I just want to download a virus into those peoples’ software and re-program my own program into them! If they knew what I knew, they surely wouldn’t be scoffing at God. All I can say, is God have mercy on their souls.

In Texas we have a law…. When I first moved here and read it, I laughed out loud. I thought to myself “I LOVE TEXAS!” It’s a no BS kinda state. The law states that IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS THE LAW. Which means, to not know what the laws are, is breaking a law! How great is that?!!!

Lord just forgive these people because they reallly ‘know not what they do’. I can only hope that people like myself in the world will open them up to another way of thinking. Not opinions, not secular thinking, but the truth of your gospel and law. Guys, all I am saying is don’t believe the counterfiets that are out there. You can pick up a science fiction book all day long and enjoy the read. However, no book has ever been written with more authority, and God’s own breathed words on paper than the Holy Bible. I hope you choose the right book to read. Your soul depends on it.